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Janitorial and event services Bremen


Finn Faust


Sebastian Waack




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Janitorial services

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Event services

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Project Description

An concise, budget-friendly relaunch showcasing Lifeline's services effectively

I developed "Lifeline Eventservice," a robust and engaging website that serves as a one-stop solution for event management and cleaning services in Bremen.

The website is meticulously designed to showcase a wide range of services, including event, office, and window cleaning, and comprehensive event management. It features an intuitive navigation structure, allowing users to easily explore the many diverse offerings of Lifeline Eventservice.

The site's clean and professional design reflects the company's commitment to quality and efficiency in both event services and cleaning solutions. With a focus on user experience, the website effectively communicates the brand's expertise and reliability in the event services industry.

Read Sebastian's testimonial
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"The collaboration with Finn took place at a very professional and structured level. Thanks to his questionnaire and his good preparation, we were able to redesign and optimize our homepage very quickly. I am looking forward to further projects with Finn!"

Sebastian Waack, Lifeline

Performance Scores

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Google PageSpeed Analysis

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