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Brand values

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Case studies

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Comprehensive FAQ

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Project Description

A complex business site packed with features, yet easily understandable for users

For the QLab Think Tank GmbH, I developed a complex business website with a dozen subpages from scratch with WordPress without any prior UX/UI experience. This project required countless redesigns and restructuring as the young QLab continually iterated its brand identity, services, and marketing philosophy. Over time, I integrated a double opt-in user journey for QLab’s newsletter, built a blog archive, promoted events and services through pop-up systems, and created a user journey aimed at conversion.

Today, being a Webflow and WordPress designer with experience in Figma, HTML and CSS, and deeper UI/UX knowledge, I would approach many of my decisions when designing the QLab website very differently. Still, I am proud of this first project due to the many adversities I faced: I had no prior experience in web design and learned WordPress, Elementor, design principles, performance optimization, and SEO all by myself. 

I built this page when I was still an employee of the QLab. Since, it is being developed further my other web designers.

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"Finn brought his outstanding analytical skills and extensive knowledge to the team. He was always highly committed, responsible, independent, reliable, and absolutely team-oriented. Thanks to his expertise, he could take on independent positions in the team and work experimentally and result oriented."

Andrea Kuhfuss, QLab

Performance Scores

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Google PageSpeed Analysis

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